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I am the Equine Health Director at Days End Farm Horse Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit rehabilitation facility located in Woodbine, Maryland. DEFHR assists animal control agencies both locally and in surrounding states by taking in horses from abuse/neglect situations. Once those horses are rehabilitated and custody is signed over to us, we work hard at finding each horse a new, loving home to call their own. We currently have 60+ horses under our direct care.

Your product was recommended to us by our chiropractor, Dr. Melissa Carlson. Within the last two months, we have started four of our horses on your product. Three have shown remarkable improvements (i.e. gaining weight, more comfortable, behavioral improvements, no colics, etc). The fourth horse just started your product last week and we are eagerly waiting to see improvements with him as well.

I could not be happier with your product and what it has done to help our horses. The horses currently on Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser have been with us for a while and up until now we had little to no luck with improving their conditions. Now they are finally beginning to thrive! I want to thank you for providing your product to us. We intend on continuing with your product and, if our budget allows, we would love to start even more horses on it as well.

Brittney Carow, Maryland

I have a 7 year old Friesian gelding with a significant “behavioral” issue with bolting. He was always tense and spooky; never really concentrating at all. He was seen by a vet, farrier, dentist without any significant improvements.

I found a trainer to work with him and had considered having a chiropractor check him out before training so that I knew I had not over looked anything. I was told by Dr. Melissa Carlson that he had significant hind gut ulcers and she recommended JUR Ulcer Repulser and to treat with that before considering any training. I was not optimistic and questioned not starting him on UlcerGard. I agreed to just try it.

In a little over 1 week he was obviously less tense in general. Every week was a big change in his behavior. He loves it and licks it clean. He has changed from a tense, spooking, distracted, unpredictable, dangerous horse — to a calm, curious, attentive and wanting to please horse. We will probably not need a trainer and I am waiting to complete the treatment with a re-check from Dr Carlson before mounting him.

I was very skeptical, as I am in the medical field, and am in awe of the amount of relief this has given my horse (and me). This has been a blessing to us as it would have most likely only become worse over more time. I also have to say the customer service is terrific. A shipment was delayed and my e-mail was immediately answered and personally attended to so that a dose was not missed. Many thanks to JUR. Marsha and Majesty.

Marsha Freudigman, Maryland
Horse Eating Grass

I ordered a 90-day supply of the Ulcer Repulser, some months ago, for my 5-year-old Thoroughbred mare, who was showing strong symptoms of gastric ulcers. She was very jumpy and nervous, girthy, and was exhibiting aggressive behaviors toward the handlers at the boarding facility she lives at.

Within a very short time of being treated, much of the behaviors ceased and she became a totally different animal. During that time, she was being worked with more regularly, as well. I supplemented your product with aloe vera juice and made sure she had access to hay at all times she was stalled, including a portion of alfalfa.

When the 90-day supply was used up about a month ago, I decided to discontinue the Ulcer Repulser to see if the improvement was maintained without it. I also wanted to see if perhaps the more consistent work schedule might have been at least partially responsible for her improvement. She still continued with the aloe vera and free choice hay. Well, as time passed, symptoms started returning: she objects vehemently to having a saddle put on; has gone off her feed, sometimes not touching her hay; her aggressive behavior is returning; and she is very nervous. Last night when being led out to pasture, she was very bad.

So, having eliminated every conceivable cause for the erratic behavior, I can only conclude that your product had the most significant impact toward her recovery and is the right treatment for her gastric upset and resulting distress. Thus, I have ordered another 90-day supply, with the hope that, very soon, she will be feeling much better.

Jean Todd, Virginia

I just want to say I’m really impressed with this product! My mare is picky when it comes to eating on the road, she usually will not eat if I add any supplements of any kind to her feed. This past weekend we stayed over at the Kissimmee PRCA rodeo and the night before we ran she ate every drop of grain both morning and evening with a dose in each meal. We also won the rodeo and she seemed more focused on her job, I think it really helped settle her stomach.

UPDATE: I can not say enough about this product, it has been such a blessing. We were on the road all weekend, my horse ate the whole time and she performed great all weekend. We won the Arcadia pro rodeo and hit a barrel at the other rodeo but she felt amazing the whole trip thank you.

Amie Tyre, Florida

We bought our daughter’s pony out of state two and a half years ago and had her hauled to us in Alaska. The entire time, we have struggled with deteriorating behavior and health issues. We even began to wonder if she might have been drugged when we first met her, as she has never been the wonderful little horse her previous owners raved about.

Thousands of dollars have gone into trying to find a solution — vet visits, chiropractic care, new tack, dental care, anti-inflammatory injections, hormone replacement, prescription ulcer treatments, professional training. Nothing worked. Her behavior deteriorated to the point we recently made the difficult decision to either retire her as a companion horse that would never again be ridden, or to euthanize her.

When a friend told me about JUR, I was skeptical, but it was so affordable compared to everything else we have done for her, that I figured it was worth a try. Imagine our surprise when, after only two doses, the pony was gentler. After a week, our daughter was cantering her around the arena and the horse was as happy as the girl! My 11 year old daughter told me yesterday, “Mom, Ulcer Repulser took my horse from a mean, bucking bronc into a sweet pony that neighs when she sees me and wants to snuggle!” Thank you, JUR, for saving my little girl’s horse. Literally!

Amorette Payment, Alaska
Horse in Winter

I have used JUR Ulcer Repulser for a year and a half. My horse Mystery had been scoped twice with reoccurring ulcers, went through UlcerGard treatment and then ranitidine as a way to make him comfortable. Went looking for a product to get him off the Rx, and found JUR at Equine Affaire in Springfield.

I changed to the JUR and Mystery has not shown any of the signs of grinding his teeth and his overall conditioning has improved since being on this product. His stools were always loose and unformed and now are normal. He is holding his weight well and is overall more comfortable and easy to be around. I believe that the JUR has helped Mystery tremendously and he loves the taste, he licks his pan clean!

If you’re having difficulties with an uncomfortable or unhappy horse it sure is worth trying JUR Ulcer Repulser for 30 days, it’s cost effective and your horse will thank you!

Sue Jackson, Connecticut

I have been using JUR for about a year. I am a distance rider with two horses that have a history of ulcers. Both were treated by my vet with a prescription med. I searched for a preventative. The market is flooded with so many…!

I met JUR at the Equine Affaire and really liked their presentation. Both my horses are on JUR during ride season and I have not had any signs of ulcers. I also had both horses contract Lyme disease and because of the treatment, they needed a good pre and pro biotic so they went on JUR!

I love the great service, fast and free shipping. The packaging is safe, too. No spills or rips! Best of all, my very suspicious mustang eats it!

Tammy Lampherem, Rhode Island

I have had the opportunity to use Ulcer Repulser for the past 18 months and have found after using a variety of products, this to be the BEST product hands down!

When ulcers have reoccurred (as they are known to do so) I have upped the dosage initially… and since my 31-year-old retired Thoroughbred mare has often gone completely off her senior feed, simply mixed the dose with aloe vera juice (Walmart $6.47 per gallon) and given orally. She likes the taste and no problem getting it into her.

I think the trick is to keep your horse on it as a preventative measure and not wait ’til the ulcer rears its ugly head and you have a very unhappy horse. She is currently on Purina Senior Active Feed with a small scoop in each of three meals. Hooray for the end of syringing!!

I love the fact the company lists all the products/benefits. If you go out and try to mix up your own concoction as some of us are prone to doing, you will spend more money and time than it is worth. I have used slippery elm powder and it is great but Ulcer Repulser has a super formula that includes that product along with many other curative ingredients and that cannot be beat! Service is pretty good as long as all the ingredients are in stock. They do use the freshest and best ingredients and for that reason, I trust the company.

Linda Zimmerman, Wisconsin
White Horses

I just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I have a TB mare that has been on Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser for almost a month now and is doing soooooo much better.

I recently moved her to a new barn (in the middle of the show season) and had on my hands a fire breathing DRAGON!!!!! She had become a dangerous horse in obvious distress. This mare is a rock star in the jumper ring and was a superstar all summer long. She is the type that is always ‘right there’, will try her guts out for me and is honest as the day is long. We went to an event (shortly after moving) and when she refused in stadium I had no idea what to do. She never quits, ever. She is the type that ‘locks on’ and will jump so hold on.

We initially thought that she had Lyme disease again as that was the last time that she refused a fence (3 years prior). Doxy was started for the Lyme disease and that was the start of the ‘evolving dragon’. Within a week she was tearing her stall down board by board, kicking, not eating and hating life. She has always been a bad eater but I just thought that was just her. When her Lyme titer came back as minimal I was shocked but because she was ‘symptomatic’ the decision to treat her was based on the clinical symptoms and not the titer.

The Doxy killed her belly, her symptoms were not improving and she was becoming dangerous. I could not turn her out… come hell or high water she was getting out of the round pen… complete panic. This mare was so beside herself that she was covered in white sweat within 10 minutes after being turned out. This was the breaking point, the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”.

I started researching alternative ways to treat for ulcers as the typical ones were not working. I stopped the Doxy for the Lyme disease because of the worsening symptoms not the improvement that one would expect. Indie, having been treated for Lyme should have been improving, not worsening. It is well known that the Doxy is irritating to the horse’s stomach, but when treating Lyme disease a needed medicine.

I started on a quest to find a better way to treat her for ulcers, figuring that this was the problem. She has not been scoped in the past due to finances, the same reason for her not being on the UlcerGard. She was on Ranitidine throughout this entire ordeal, but that was just not enough. She used to eat a TON of grain to keep O.K. weight but never was a great eater. Not to mention that she would never eat supplements, ever!!!!! She was always convinced that her food was poisoned.

I found Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser while doing more research on equine ulcers and decided to give it a try. The difference is like night and day.

Indie now eats 1 coffee can of grain 3 times daily, Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser (AM and PM), Starting Gate Granules (AM and PM) and scoop of alfalfa cubes (1.5 quarts) three times a day. She gets this wet to make a nice moist mash and to prevent any choking episodes from the alfalfa cubes.

The results are unreal. Indie eats all of her food, loves the taste of Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser and looks like a million bucks. When I told the staff at the barn that this was her new feeding regiment they thought that I was crazy. Indie has always been ‘hot’ and they thought that this would put her over the edge… well she was already there and then some.

I know that Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser made all the difference. Her bucket gets licked clean every time and she carries on like a fool until her food is in front of her. Indie’s appetite is so good now that she looks like she may ‘drop a foal’. We laugh at the fact that she may need to be cut back on food, I never thought that would be a problem for this mare.

She always has hay in front of her and gets alfalfa cubes before she is ridden to protect her stomach, but Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser sealed the deal. She now goes out for 5–6 hours daily in a ‘big girl paddock’ and acts like a normal content horse. She is now back in full work and is once again a ROCK STAR. The spookiness that I thought was her just being a ‘hot TB mare’ is GONE. There are no more monsters in the corner or anywhere else for that matter. Indie will always be a sensitive mare, but now she is different horse.

Friends have witnessed this transformation and want to start their horses on it too. I know it takes a little more time and energy to change the way we feed our horses, but we owe it to them. Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser is affordable, effective and easy to use. Traditional medicines are great, but there are other ways to treat horses too. I can’t say enough about your product. Give JJ a kiss for me and Indie too ;-)

Elizabeth Rice, Connecticut

This product really works! I have been feeding my horse UlcerGard, Prilosec, Pre-and Probiotics, worming, and this is the first product that has consistently given her a formed stool. She still has the occasional cow-pie but she has diminished her incredible thirst for water and in the am there are formed stools in her stall… not walls covered with loose stool! Thank-you so much!

Rebecca Oberstar, Michigan

Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser is a wonder product. My 7 year old California Quarter horse gelding is doing great on this product. He went from fussy, irritable and constantly uncomfortable to healthy and happy.

Our ranch is loaded with oak trees and every fall he has unfortunately foraged on them leading to stomach issues. He is now doing great. Dealing with no grass, sand and acorns had been a nightmare until I found this great supplement that is part of his daily diet.

I am thankful this product is reasonably priced and most of all effective. Wow!

Lodene Blair, California

I love this stuff! I use it every day for my competition horse (Eventing) randomly as needed on the other horses on the farm.

Alison Utting, Washington
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