How do I feed my horse Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™?
Ulcer Repulser™ comes to you in a loose packed form: enough to last for a month (or however many months you order.) It is in a powdered form. Simply sprinkle one serving over the evening grain, and stir. Most horses love the taste.
How do YOU feed YOUR horse his Ulcer Repulser™?
I set up his grain as usual, moisten it and stir the powder in. I do this to ensure he will get the entire dose because he loves to lick the feed bucket clean.
Do I have to moisten Ulcer Repulser™ / Cushing’s Control™?
Both Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ and Cushing’s Control™ are in powdered form and we recommend serving with moistened feed to ensure that it is all ingested and none left behind as loose powder. However, if you can accomplish this by another means it will be just as effective.
What is the serving size of Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™?
We recommend 1/3 cup (80 cc) for most horses. However, for miniature horses and small ponies we recommend 1/6 cup (40 cc), and for draft horses 2/3 cup (160 cc). A 1/3 cup (80 cc) serving scoop is included with each order.
What is the duration of use for my horse?
Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ starts working immediately, but a sick painful stomach or gut needs some time to heal. Ideally, initial use of Ulcer Repulser would be once per day as a part of the horse’s evening meal for at least 30 days. When asked, we always suggest 90 days because even though the acute situation has usually passed in mere days, we feel that protecting the gut and allowing it to operate without irritation is beneficial due to the fact that equine ulcers often re-occur.
Why as a part of the evening meal and not the morning feed?
Because our horses eat more during the day than through the night they are more likely to have a more empty stomach at the end of the day and through the night. Also, because they may lie down to sleep or rest, stomach acid can then splash or slosh onto the horse’s upper stomach area — which is not protected by the same mucosal layer of the horse’s lower stomach. Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ will protect your horse’s stomach and digestive tract over these more dangerous hours.

To get you and your horse started, we always suggest you assess your horse’s situation and consider using two servings per day for the initial week or two so you can feed twice each day initially for a maximal healing environment. This is not automatically mandatory; it is all up to your situation and your horse’s distress.
What if my horse has an extreme or acute problem?
Some horses have such a severe problem that they would benefit from more than one serving per day. Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ can be added to each of your horse’s feedings until the acute situation has passed and then the interval can be adjusted to the more average use of once per day. We find this is healthy for your horse and poses no problem over long-term use.
Does Ulcer Repulser have any dangerous drug interactions?
We are not aware of any dangerous drug interactions. Also, it does not contain any banned substances and will not result in a failed test in performance sports or racing.
My horse is a very picky eater, what if they refuse their meal?
Some horses will react negatively to any change, even one as delicious as Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™. In these rare cases, simply make their meal (their regular grain) into a treat, add apples or carrots, use applesauce, molasses or honey, or anything your horse loves to get them started. Once they realize new does not mean bad, they should see it all as the treat it is. JJ will eat it right from our hands; if we forget to add it to his meal, he is most unhappy.

In the most difficult situations, simply mix Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ into straight applesauce then use that as a dressing for a grain meal, or the base for a sweet mash or some other special treat. A generous serving of applesauce encourages almost any horse to want to lick their bowl until absolutely clean.

In the very rare event this still isn’t enough, you can try reducing the serving size initially until it is small enough to be accepted and get used to the new taste.
How fast does Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ work?
As soon as the first serving the protective and health-giving effects of Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ begin. Within just a few days you should notice a more peaceful and happier horse, more like their ‘old-selves’.
Does Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ need to be stored in a particular way?
Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ and Cushing’s Control™ need no special storage; just keep it sealed in a cool dry place, away from any insects or rodents.
Does Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ aid in stress situations?
We highly recommend Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ for stress-related situations such as shipping, showing, relocation, changes in food or hay, changes in weather, during stall rest, and in recovery from medical treatments that irritate the digestive system, such as the use of ‘Bute’ or antibiotics. Every colic or GI episode prevented saves your horse from suffering, hundreds of dollars in vet bills, your own stress and strain, and possibly your horse’s life.
I am using another product now; can I switch to Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™?
Yes! Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ is ready to improve your horse’s life as soon as you are. We ship via USPS Priority Mail®, shipping is free, and the package arrives very quickly.
Can Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ be used concurrently with UlcerGard®?
Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ can be used in conjunction with UlcerGard®. However, we recommend first using Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ by itself before reviewing whether you wish to add omeprazole for a short period of time. In most cases, Jeremiah’s Ulcer Repulser™ is all that is required for success and will act as a preventative thereafter.
Do horses have a pain-memory which might last even when the digestive situation is resolved?
Horses have a keen memory for the uncomfortable, and it may take them a bit of time to relax. Some horses have compensated for so long for gut pain, it has altered their carriage or movement. Usually they will learn quickly that their pain is relieved. Some horses have been so affected in their reaction to being in pain that they may have created other issues for themselves. These horses might benefit from a visit from a horse chiropractor once their digestion is stabilized.
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